CX bags Manjesh the first WOW pin in 2017

CX bags Manjesh the first WOW pin in 2017

Manjesh has earned the WoW pin from Domy, awarded to people who gets awesome customer feedback. Congratulations to him! I am happy that we started 2017 on the right note, especially when our primary focus for this year is positive CX (Customer Experience).

We delivered this website project last year. Recently, the client wanted to upgrade their server and the site’s base theme. They requested our support. Manjesh being an expert in WordPress websites, got the task. Here’s how he did it just right!

1. Confirmed, not just assumed: (Tested and affirmed before suggesting anything to the client)

Manjesh upgraded the WP version on the development server, replaced the theme with the latest version and found things were normal and nothing to worry. Also, he communicated the same with the client. Because overlooking small details may cause adverse CX.

2. Handled pressure positively: (Didn’t panic when there was an unpleasant surprise)

The client did as he suggested, but ran into an issue. Data was missing from the footer! Manjesh checked the problem, figured out the footer data was few lines of code which he could fix in no time.

3. Communicated in time, with clarity: (Spent a chance to write a lengthy, detailed email to help solve the puzzle and snatched the CX award)

He drafted an awesome mail with perfect clarity, attaching code for the footer data and directions on posting them in the right places. Consequently, the client could implement it without any doubt.

The client, of course, was happy. They sent us a “Thank You” note and praised his work. Positive customer experience, isn’t this why we work?

Bipin Domy Thomas

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