Zerodha is an award winning Indian financial services company that offers retail and institutional broking and distribution, and currencies and commodities trading.

Strategy, UX/UI & development for marketing website – Zerodha

The website goals of Zerodha, when they came to us, was the following:

  1. Open New Accounts with Zerodha – The discount brokerage.
  2. Establish the branding of Zerodha
  3. Provide information about Zerodha’s services

And here’s what we have done:

  1. Agenda: Simplicity, easiness, better knowledge, better branding.
  2. A brief User Study on – User’s perspective and need for a good website.
  3. Developed these conclusions:
    1. The site should position the firm and the business, in a better way.
    2. It should attract potential customers, educate them about the firm and the business, get them signed up.
    3. Fine-tuned the brand identity, picked the clean, flat design style.
    4. Drew illustrations & collected fine pictures and proper typography to reposition the Brand itself.
    5. Ultimately – User Experienced Design.


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