If you asked us to pin-point one single reason why a client would leave your page within seconds of arriving to it, the answer would be: old-fashioned SEO. Why, you ask? Because old-fashioned Search Engine Optimization has been abused to the point where it became online harassment to people actually trying to find relevant information and content.

How does this affect your customer?

Imagine what it is like when you search for a keyword, and the first page of Google is filled with irrelevant websites, which do not provide any information that you were looking for. What would it be like if you searched for “taxi companies in Budapest”, only to find yourself on the page of a hotel which coincidentally also offers to call a taxi for you when you check out? And how would you feel if that would be the top result for your keyword on Google? The feeling is pretty unpleasant, and this is not what you are going for when it comes to your customers- you want them to be able to find you quickly, without having to sort through pages and pages of irrelevant content until they get to your site.

At this point, Google is refining their search algorithms because situations like the one described above are not longer an exception. Too many so-called SEO experts have taken advantage of the easy-to-understand SEO system, so Google is now trying to make the search a little more comprehensive.

What does Google want?

What Google wants, in fact, is to keep their customers happy- and implicitly, yours as well. Not much of a surprise here. And happy customers do not want to feel ripped off by the first results of a search, so Google is now drastically changing their algorithms so that the focus is on content, rather than on keywords and text only as it was before. The current way in which Google shows results is no longer useful for their users, so Google changed the tactic- and that means old-fashioned SEO is already obsolete.

But it’s not as dark as it seems. There is a reason why this search algorithm was useful in the past, and why SEO as we know it is dead now, but there is also an advantage to having this refined.

Who stole my keywords?

Despite this change in how SEO works, there still are a lot of businesses which sell “top keywords”, and which advise their clients to stuff their headers with “relevant search terms”. Customers still seek their advice because the change in how Google processes searches is very abrupt, and many are stuck in past habits. It’s therefore not much of a surprise to know that many people search for SEO services of businesses – 105 people per second, in fact. What customers want, companies will give. But eventually customers will not be satisfied when what they want most- relevant results- is not offered.,/p>

Whose SEO is it anyway?

What companies should in fact focus on from now on, if they’re thinking about Search Engine Optimization, is to have a well-organized website, with a lot of relevant content and a clean, easy to navigate structure. The point of this algorithm change with Google is to make it easy for their and your customers to find content that is relevant to them.

It is now more important than ever to make sure that your website is not just a blackboard with all information hastily written all over the place, but that it is an entire experience, which influences the visitors positively in many ways- whether we’re talking about accessibility, design, structure, loading speed, the focus is now on the small details that turn your website from a dry “company portfolio” to an amazing and memorable user experience.

It used to be a lot easier to do SEO- just paste a few keywords here and there, and you’re set. But the times need to change if you want your content to be found by those who actively search for it. It is getting more difficult to make Google your life-long friend, but that’s only because the search system is getting smarter. And with us, your business’ website will keep us with this change and “smarten up”, so that in the end you will get the results your company needs.

Augustine Jose

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Augustine is Manager - Digital Marketing Services at Domy Innovations Cafe. Technology marketer with extensive experience in driving international programs and in leading diverse project teams. Learn more about Augustine's services at domyinc.com and follow @augustinejose on Twitter.

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