What’s the Best CMS for my Startup Website?

Congratulations! Your startup is about to hit the web. But how do you build the foundation of your online growth? It’s easy. If you’re not a seasoned coder, or if you’re not yet ready to invest in hiring one, you can find easy-to-use content management systems that will make your business grow- and WordPress is the most popular choice, and for good reasons! You need to make sure you use the best CMS for your startup, by following a few key concepts- it should be simple (having a website should not be on your daily tough-to-do list), customizable, user friendly, cost-effective and functional.

Easy means cost-effective

WordPress is the world’s most widely used CMS. It is extremely easy to handle, even for the beginner user, as you can launch your website and make changes to it without being a computer-whizz. You can add pages, posts, images and products with just a few clicks. Not only do you eliminate the initial cost of paying a coder to design the website from scratch, which can greatly impact your startup’s budget, but you can also save a great deal of money in the long run, as you will not need an expert to make changes to your site- WordPress is intuitive and very user-friendly.

“Dress” to impress

Your website’s image is extremely important, so the first thing on your mind after setting it up should be- “How do we dress to impress”? What could you do to make your website more attractive? The advantage of WordPress over other available content management systems is that thanks to its wide usage it has the largest number of developers who create themes and plugins for it. This means you get a wide variety to choose from, turning your site from “just another WordPress site” to an online professional business card for your startup. And while there is a wide range of products to choose from, the main perk is that many extremely useful ones are free. You can customize the menus as well, pick a theme, and you can even go for E-Commerce by using dedicated WordPress add-ons.

CMS popularity Award

Too often we see platforms that develop slowly, or which even cease to operate after a while. To the end user (that is, you and your startup) this would mean that the ability to make changes is drastically reduced when there is no support system. The fact that WordPress is so popular has many advantages which you can use to boost your business. It is frequently updated, meaning your database will always be top-notch, and any potential glitches are fixed in an instant, always sooner than with other content management systems. The fact that WordPress also offers the most plug-ins and themes than any other CMS means that whatever you wish to add to your website will most likely be found in their offer- and often for a very good price, or even for no cost at all.

So if you’re ready to set up a website, make a list of what it is that you wish to achieve with it, how you want it to be built, how much you are willing to invest (and how you can reduce costs). You will find that WordPress will offer both functionality and design, both ease of use and sustainable technical support, all to help you brand your business and get a professional image.

Arun Tomy

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