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Our story, our journey.

The story of experiences those matching our clients' expectations, while bringing out the best in the product that we designed for them.

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  • Domy
    The beginning

    Domy Innovations Cafe was incorporated in Bangalore on 19th of March 2012, with the aim of designing products, those could connect with the user and leave a positive experience.

    The web and apps divide the world into two: beautiful software and working software. Domy aims to build software which is both beautiful and functional.

  • Microsoft Ventures
    The UX/UI partnership

    The work we did for some cool startups such as Buzzgain and Social Hues got us an opportunity to partner with Microsoft India, to be their UX/UI partner for the Accelerator program.

    It was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with the incredibly talented startups such as InTouchApp, Frrole, Sign Easy, Explara, and much more.

  • MSV, Tel-Aviv
    UX/UI design consulting

    We did our best work with the startups incubated from Microsoft Ventures, India and it helped us grab the flight to Israel where we got our next significant partnership in 2013 – MS, Tel-Aviv.

    There we joined hands with KitLocate, Mmuze, Cliclap, Fanzone and much more.

  • Zerodha
    The coolest broker

    Our partnership with Zerodha, then a startup with few hundred customers, gave us an incredible opportunity to be part of the history of Indian stock market.

    Together, we redefined the face of a financial entity, decluttered the web space, and relaunched the concept of discount brokerage.

  • More continents
    Bigger and better projects

    On our 3rd year, Domy served more than a hundred clients spread across four continents.

    Including the big boys of Volvo and Microsoft Ventures – Berlin, we worked with corporates such as Capillary, small and medium businesses and startups alike in the United States, UAE, Germany, Israel, and India.

  • Domy
    Now multi-national

    2014 is even more special because we started our office in Brisbane, Australia getting ourselves the label of a multinational company.

    Our Australia office caters to the startup community and the small-medium businesses in Australia. We have also built UX/UI partnership with businesses such as Locatrix.

  • Fintech in India
    Most sought-after UX partner

    Success with one startup in the financial technology domain helped us get more startup projects in the same field.

    While we built the marketing face of companies like SAS Online and Tradesmart Online, we designed applications for the technology startups such as Fisdom which is now one of the leading brands in the country.

  • World’s first
    Social network for radiologists

    Imaginglink happened in 2016.

    The features include an exclusive global network of medical imaging professionals, an easy-to-use portfolio builder, private databases for teaching and shared online space for discussions, and a lot more contributing to the future of radiology.

  • UGLI
    From Domy Labs

    Exploring Ai, Domy is transforming BigData to interesting visual interfaces and interactions to bring excitement to the user, especially in the field of movies and music.

    At the beginning of the year, we started a new venture under the umbrella of Domy named Domy Labs. The alpha version of our first product - UGLI is already out for testing.

Hey there,
How do you pronounce Domy Innovations Cafe?

The best or nothing

We make zero compromises on quality. That is one rule we will never bend.

Bonded to your goals

We focus on our customers and fulfilling the commitment we make to them.

Success is mutual

By helping our customers become successful, we become successful.

Are you a solopreneur / entrepreneur / startup?

Being the creative services partners to many successful businesses around the globe since their early stages is a pretty big ego boost. However, we got here because we are good at delivering the best UX for startups around the globe, helping them with their user experience and user interface requirements.
We understand you and the way you work!

Let’s talk about your product and get started, now!

Our little Santa Claus

Evan, son of our CEO, was our Santa for the Christmas celebrations. Before we close for annual holidays during the Christmas season, we do not miss to party together!

The old brand identity

Our first logo had a complicated design, in contrast to the ideology of the company. Later we simplified it to represent the brand and our values better.

Celebrating Domy Day

We celebrate our anniversary on March 19. Every year, we travel together to a unique destination. This year we visited the beautiful and secluded Paradise beach in Gokarna.

It is the beauty of camaraderie

At least once a year, we spend one night together, create new memories and enjoy the virtue of companionship. It is one of the many things that keep our team very close.

Sport is in our blood

We believe that playing games can help us build teams. So, we play cricket, badminton, and various other sports together.

Best teammates dine together

We dine out quite often, not only because we love each others company, but also we are foodies. We clicked this at the Kudle beach shack.

We ride together too, a lot

That is another perk of having a three day weekend. We ride along to exploring new places in and around Bengaluru. This one is from Athirappilly.

A bunch of friends

Everyone at Domy feels like working with buddies; we are all enjoying our lives, doing what we think we do best - designing positive experiences.

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