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Looking for the best intern opportunity in Bengaluru/Australia. Make a great career ahead by joining us. Real world experience in design/development/manage and networking will be a foundation for you. “The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

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Equal opportunity

We are all equal! We all have the right to be treated without discrimination. We DO NOT prejudice or preference your age, race, gender, religion, political association, disability, color or ethnic origin.

Domy provides equal opportunity in recruitment, promotion, and in the terms, conditions, and benefits offered as part of employment for all employees.

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Life at Domy

We are located in Bangalore’s vibrant JP Nagar neighborhood, surrounded by exceptional dining and shopping, with convenient access to public transportation.


Every employee receives a gorgeous desk and ergonomic Aeron chair. You can work with the computer or laptop, monitors, and headphones of your choice.


We have our pantries stocked with fruit, snacks, and treats. We brew Espresso and green tea all day long.

Four by three

Domy believes in work-life balance, and the company works from Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday is a holiday for all.


You should never feel tied to your desk. There are plenty of spaces to go to when you need a change of pace.

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