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Why is UGLI not Netflix, but a buddy for its customers?

UGLI recommends movies based on user's personality.

Over the last two years, Domy was working on something beautiful, and we named it UGLI! Don't get confused, UGLI stands for U Gonna Love It. It is an AI-powered recommendation app for movies, available on Google Play Store.

When we released the news about UGLI during our website launch, a lot of people thought that it was another Netflix. However, that's far from the truth!

Netflix is a streaming app that allows people to watch videos, exclusively for home television audiences. It offers films and television shows, sorted by the genre. The more you see, the more you get suggestions on the platform. However, with Netflix, people have to choose a movie from the videos available, and they don't have a filter to recommend just the best!

Save yourselves from the paid reviews.

UGLI is wholly focussed on recommending Movies based on the user's personality. We won't stream any movies in our app, though we show trailers.

The inbuilt Ai studies the user's tastes and provides the best recommendations purely based on the user's interests. So, you don't need to mess around all those movies and genres anymore; avoid all the Tom, Dick and Harry reviews and suggestions. Therefore save time and money.

Tell us about those movies you like, in a minute; We’ll tell you about all those movies you gonna love for a lifetime.

Recommending movies based on your mood.

It may be better to avoid a tragedy when you're feeling blue! How about a movie to cheer you up or empathize with you? UGLI recommends films based on your mood. You can pick it from the home screen, to see the list of movies to suit that mood. Not something any app in this world, including the Netflix, does not provide.

Every recommendation app cares for their database of movies, ratings by the fanboys or critics (say, IMDB or Bookmyshow). What they don't focus on are the user and their choices. Being a product from a UX company, UGLI is destined to do that.

While Netflix shifts its focus towards Netflix-exclusive shows and movies, UGLI is growing its database from more than 3 million films, 4 million artists, and 4 Languages.

Netflix pushes the users to see the content they provide, whether its the latest movie or a particular series, creating featured content. But UGLI generates content based on the user, you!

UGLI can tell you what to watch on Netflix.

You may be planning to watch a movie at your nearest theatre, or Netflix, Hotstar, or Amazon. At best, you may check the reviews and IMDB/Bookmyshow ratings. They tell you how the movie served those guys who rated it. However, they don't tell you if you could get a similar experience as these reviewers. That's where UGLI can pitch in, be your movie assistant, and help you choose your movie to watch wherever you want!

You won't be disappointed; instead, you will fall in love with it! You can thank us later. :)

Manikuttan TK

Manager UI, Domy Innovations Cafe


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