A mobile app designed to understand you, and recommend the movies you would love

We believe that one of the great strengths of us is the ability to get to the roots of the product owners' problems and speak to them about their product in their own words; because we also have been through similar kind of situations. We too are product owners.

At Domy, we are movie enthusiasts. We designed the UGLI app for mobile to save the trouble of a film lover, keep us from biased personal recommendations and paid reviews. Even before we plan to watch it on theatre/online/tv or before we make a purchase decision, we ask ourselves few questions:

  1. Are we going to love it or not?
  2. Is it valuable for our time and money?
  3. Does it suit our mood/choice of genres?
  4. Is it a must-watch movie for me?
  5. Is it something fresh/unique?
  6. Is it the best movie for my taste, available in the theatres?

Don't waste your time reading reviews to identify the likeability of a film, based on someone else's taste.

UGLI alias "U Gonna Love It" is a mobile application designed and developed by Domy Innovations Cafe. The app studies movie-lovers, their likes and dislikes, and recommend those movies they are very likely to love. UGLI alpha is available to download from the Play store.

UGLI provides suggestions based on the user's mood, preferred language, and the movie partner. The initial recommendations are the latest movies running in theaters. It also suggests movies available on TV and other streaming services.

The product website for UGLI is optimized for mobile devices and has a superior performance over HTML5 and similar front-end technologies.

The underlying Magic of UGLI - Design meets Ai

We throw minimum queries on a movie's genre, your favorite performer in the film, or your feelings about it. So the algorithm of UGLI learns your likes and dislikes for any movie based on these inputs, without overwhelming the user with feedback questions.

Unlike the traditional strategy of categorizing like-minded, based on algorithms, we use a sophisticated bucket system, to identify the nuances of personal choices. Because someone loved the same action movie by a star, does not mean he or she has a common taste for movies.

We have kept the design simple for users to discover their movies without having to press multiple menus or navigate to several screens. There is also a global search option to access any movie of the user's choice quickly.

Early access to the mobile app

The application is only available in beta now, and we are perfecting the recommendation algorithm. You can either start using UGLI alpha and encourage us with your comments (We would love to hear from you) or stay tuned for its public launch.

Read more about UGLI on ugliapp.com

Services provided

Product strategy design, Prototyping, Wireframe design, User experience design, User interface design, User interaction design, Mobile App Development, Web application development, Content management system, and Data analytics.

Tools & Technology

UXPin, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, InVision, React Native, Google AMP, PHP Laravel, and MongoDB.

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