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Is User Interface Design just a facelift, or will it improve human interaction?

UI and UX are two sides of a coin, and we need both to achieve our design goals. In other words, both UI and UX are as critical as two hands in a balancing act. When we successfully balance it, our performance is a success, and in this case, a beautiful user experience.

A design which is not usable is not useful

Think of the user interface as a language to interact with the system. Without a real language, communication gets complicated. Similarly, we need a good interface for our app/website for the users to speak with your system. Without customer interaction, software dies a slow death, and the business too.

Have you ever felt that Facebook has an aesthetically superior design, or have you ever thought about it? Honestly, it has much inspiration drawn from other sites such as Twitter, Google, Amazon, and Linkedin. Also, MySpace is way better than FB about aesthetics. However, can aesthetic alone save a product?

The interface of Facebook is carefully designed to help the users interact better with each other, rather than just look great. Therefore people do not usually get "stunned" by its design. Instead, they get too focused on exploring it. The hedonic scale, gallery, wall, and the timeline have an exceptional interface design which compliments the functionality. It is safe to say that FB has a "useable" interface. And, that is something every product owner should try to achieve.

Insights say that the 86% ad revenue of Facebook comes from the mobile devices. That alone will vouch for the importance of a mobile-first design for your website/ application.

Optimized UI can help increase revenue

It is not just about Facebook, even the online shopping giants like Amazon has stated that they have a 1 percent revenue increase for every 100 milliseconds by improvement in load time. No, it is not all about back-end gimmicks.

Google considers page load time is a significant factor in their ranking algorithm. One way a good UI designer contributes to this is by using only essential images at appropriate places, complimenting the content and avoiding the unimportant ones meant only for aesthetics.

The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is with what it lives. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.
Paul Rand, American graphic designer

A predefined template makes us just another one in the crowd

Do you still believe in predefined templates for your unique business? Do you want most popular one used by another thousand companies, because you do not want to spend on an original design? Then you do not need a website.

A website reflects a real business in a virtual world. If it looks like every other company in the domain, why would the customer buy from you?

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