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Designing for better lead generation through innovative UI

Our client is a Portland, Ore-based web hosting and data service provider. Since 2004, they have grown to serve thousands of customer websites worldwide with offices spanning two continents.

As they grew, they approached Domy to reinvent their website, for improved aesthetics, and to connect better with their booming clientele.

Good UI helps better website conversion

There are thousands of internet hosting providers across the world, more than enough to confuse the already confused average customer. Our UI goal was to design a simple, non-cluttered interface, with easy access to all relevant details. The website had to be professional, and informative without too much of technical jargon.

The global presence of our client's network servers impressed us. So we decided to design an illustration for the same, and highlight it on their website.

We had several brainstorming sessions to understand the startup, their services, and the culture. Also, we used the insights to define their website strategy. We aimed to create a clean website with zero information overload.

Studies say that people usually leave web pages in less than 20 seconds. In an ideal world, people may spend minutes on a web page if the content is appealing to them and the design is soothing. However, when we create a website, we have to make sure that the relevant information catches the user's eye within the first 10 seconds.

A clutter-free layout, big bold fonts for headings, beautiful eye-catchy icons contributed to the aesthetic. Especially the illustrations were very efficient in conveying the information without the user having to read the whole text content. This approach helped us to increase the time spent by the users on our website and added to the conversion rate too.

The best thing about the project was the customer who had a complete understanding of his requirements.
Manikuttan TK, Manager UI - Domy Innovations Cafe

UI should be Mobile-first

At the time of design, we regularly checked for simplifying the content and layout without damaging the user experience. We got branding colors from the client, so choosing the color scheme was uncomplicated. We provided with controlled interactions and gave priority to the information without distractions. So people would not miss anything. Since the traffic from the mobile devices was increasing day by day, we focused on mobile-first design.

The feedback was consolidated and clear, therefore limiting the iterations to a minimum and helping us to carry out the project on time, in the best quality.


Tools & Technology

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Wordpress, PHP, and MySQL.

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