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Designing the future of Radiology with an exclusive global network of medical professionals

Our relationship with healthcare domain began in 2012. However, when our client (a doctor in Boston) approached us, we were so excited because his idea had the potential to disrupt Radiology.

From concept to design, healthcare apps require extensive research

Giving life to a thought requires proper planning and strategizing. Our customer had loads of scattered ideas to create his dream project but was struggling to articulate it in a way anyone else could visualize it. We helped him identify the goals, set the priorities, add details to each one of them, and build a scope document.

Making things simple is complicated; as user experience designers we believe that the first thing to find those simple solutions to any complex queries is to put ourselves in the actual users' shoes and try to solve their real problems instead of creating a product just based on the client's perspective/requirements. As part of the user research, we spoke to various doctors and medical students; validated the requirements, and started with hand drawings of the screens. After lots of hours in prototyping, testing, analyzing and refining the ideas, we sketched these screens.

For the interface design, we used Google’s Material Design framework which would help us make the complex functionalities look comfortable and elegant.

The easy-to-use Portfolio Builder allowed one-click reporting of the User Profile, track successes, and creates custom alerts for expiry dates on certificates and licenses.

There's a lot to do in Healthcare

The end product was a comprehensive social media destination for radiology which featured an exclusive global network for medical imaging professionals, including radiologists, radiology technologists, radiological physicists, and other radiology related businesses including instruments, drugs, books and more.

The users could aggregate and store their academic and professional achievements such as certificates, awards, affiliations, grants, and publications in one place for easy access. Also, they could browse and register for any available radiology CME courses or conferences based on an area of interest, location or featured panelists.

Imaginglink would post and file numerous radiology cases ranging from the simplest and straightforward to the most complex and challenging. With a user-friendly format that could be easily searched and filtered, a radiologist would be able to explore the most popular and most highly rated cases specific to their area of research or interest.

DICOM image editor - One of its kind!

Radiologists use DICOM images to study the situation. Our DICOM editor could help doctors to go through each of the pictures shared by their clients, mark the affected area and write their insights over it; which simplified further treatment planning & decision-making.

The best thing about this web application was that it was a new world for radiologists and the people around them. They would get everything they needed under


Services provided

Product strategy design, Prototyping, Wireframe design, User experience design, User interface design, User interaction design, Web application development, Content management system, and Data analytics.

Tools & Technology

UXPin, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, InVision, AngularJS, PHP Laravel, and MySQL.

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