At Domy, technology falls in love
with creativity

With good UX, we integrate your amazing ideas with the technology your brand needs;
they seamlessly blend together and create a business you can be proud of.

We design 'experience'

Experience is not just when products are usable and beautiful;
it is when users realise that the product was made for them.


We are a UX-focused
software technology solutions company

Well, that means..
If ideas alone could make a business work, the world would be full of successful entrepreneurs.
But you know that your idea – as awesome as it may be – is sometimes not enough.
That’s where we come in:

World’s first social media destination for Radiologists

April 25, 2017

Website for the personal finance expert

March 19, 2017

Designing Corporate website in WordPress

January 22, 2017

WordPress website for a trading company

April 5, 2016

WordPress website for a Corporate in UAE

February 3, 2016

Space PLUS – A Comprehensive Drive Cleaner and Space Optimiser

June 4, 2015

What’s unique about Domy?

We tap into the joint power of technology and creativity to execute our deliverables. Where technology lends functionality to the product we design, creativity infuses it with a unique character.

In simpler words, we have a team that know our users, designers who understand code and coders who have a taste for design. We all work in harmony to solve the user problems. The end result: a beautifully functioning product that connects with users!

Our Services
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CX bags Manjesh the first WOW pin in 2017

CX bags Manjesh the first WOW pin in 2017

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